burst of health – orange walnut olive oil cake (vegan)

May 30, 2014
Orange Walnut Olive Oil Cake

  I adore olive oil desserts. The unexpected taste of olive oil imbues a savory note to an otherwise sweet dessert.

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a cake a day – spiced apple snack cakes

October 11, 2013
Spiced Apple Snack Cakes

I’m particularly drawn to apples this autumn–the incredible heirloom apples from our favorite upstate farm stand may be the reason.  Ashmead’s Kernel, Newtown Pippin, Kid’s Orange Red, and Pink Pearl—even the names are delicious at Montgomery Place Orchard.

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no joke – citrus fruitcake

December 21, 2012
Citrus Fruitcake

Seriously? Fruit Cake? That unwanted holiday treat that’s been fodder for every late-night comedian? Perhaps only less desired than aunt’s strangely knitted sweaters when you were growing up, it’s the gift that gets regifted into infinity with gooey sweetness.

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multiple choice – brown butter walnut-cranberry bars

November 30, 2012
Brown Butter Walnut-Cranberry Bars

There are many ways to approach an interior design project. Some clients go to  a designer with a reputation for a particular style. Others seeks designers for pragmatic reasons; a bathroom renovation or an alteration to their existing living space to welcome a new family member, for example.

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anatomy of a cookie – chewy maple-walnut cranberry cookies

November 20, 2012
Chewy Maple-Walnut Cranberry Cookies

I often work on the multiple possibilities of a flavor, texture, or combinations of the two. After last week’s post on Maple-Walnut Cranberry Tart, I want to explore more of this same flavor profile.

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the guest who’s coming to dinner – maple-walnut cranberry tart

November 16, 2012
Maple-Walnut Cranberry Tart

I knew in September that it was going to be a busy autumn–an interior design project that’s expanding, vacation planning, Pie Party Live, cooking, baking, and blogging (here and on The Boys Club).

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this will do – pie party potluck live runner ups

October 29, 2012
Pie Party Potluck Live 2012 - runner ups

Compulsion confession: I want everything to be perfect.

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bewitched — brandy apple cake w maple walnut meringue frosting

November 25, 2011
Brandy Apple Cake w Maple Walnut Meringue Frosting

As far as holiday birthdays are concern, Thanksgiving probably ranks in the middle of that list. Most people are either busy getting ready for Thanksgiving or simply take the week off for vacation. So if you are planning a big birthday party, you need to tell people far in advance. Well, good thing M is […]

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harvest understudy — toffee apple cookies

October 7, 2011
Toffee Apple Cookies

Like a house guest overstaying a planned visit, the summer-like weather intruded on autumn, my favorite time of year. Even with crates of apples emerging at the Farmer’s Market, it’s hard to feel harvest time if you’re shvitzing in the sun.

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time to hit the bars

January 28, 2011
Brandy Apple Bars

The good news: the Farmer’s Market at Union Square is still open. The sad news: there’s not a lot to buy. The staples of eggs, bread, and root vegetables are available, but when it comes to fruit, the only plausable items are apples. Though I’m inspired by my recent trip, eating locally—even for desserts—still has […]

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