travels: first glimpse of tokyo

February 5, 2013
travels: first glimpse of tokyo

It took a 12-hour flight, a smooth train ride, a chaotic walk to the hotel from the train station, a quick tour around the Shibuya neighborhood, and a good night sleep to settle into Tokyo.  We woke up to bright skies and were eager to explore the Japanese culture, both modern and old.

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travel: street food of lijiang

March 13, 2012
travel: street food of Lijiang

We started our Yunnan Province vacation on a sunny day starting from Hong Kong. Two plane rides, three airports, and some $12 airport coffee later, we finally arrive at Lijiang just in time for an amber sunset.

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travel: high tea at four seasons

January 24, 2012
High Tea at Four Seasons

Hong Kong might once again be part of China, but there are still traces of British customs left over from colonial days. Ask locals about high tea and they will present you with a long list of places to enjoy this tradition.

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i wish … coco-mac cookies w pineapple caramel

January 13, 2012
Coco-Mac Cookies w Pineapple Caramel

Happy New Year! A toast to good health and prosperity in 2012!   After a 3 week hiatus of traveling in Asia, I’m back to reawaken this blog from its slumber. The trip was magnificent for visiting family and favorite restaurants in Hong Kong—and discovering new adventures and cultures with M in Yunnan province, China.

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travel: blessings for the new year

December 27, 2010
Thumbnail image for travel: blessings for the new year

While I am traveling in Asia, sampling the delicious food and getting new ideas for recipes, I want to take a moment to thank you all for the generous comments and encouragement.. As in the four Chinese characters of blessing, I wish you and your family Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity, and Good Health. Happy New Year!

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travel: the comfort table

December 23, 2010
Hong Kong - home for the holidays

Although the restaurants in Hong Kong offer an endless selection of Cantonese specialties—plus an assortment of other Chinese, Asian, and European fare—meals at home with my family are truly something to prize. They not only bring back fond memories of growing up but also reinforce unique household traditions that I sometimes forget living so far […]

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travel: rabbit hungry in his city

December 19, 2010
Hong Kong - The Dim Sum experience

It had been two years since I last step foot in Hong Kong, so visiting my family provided an opportunity to reconnect to some favorite food traditions of this city. High on the list was the wonderful dim sum 點心. for lunch. Most tourists visit dim sum parlors famous for their traditional style of endless […]

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the left coast- part 3 ….. foggy city and beyond

March 26, 2010

We woke up to a  foggy Thursday morning in hilly Hillsborough, just south of San Francisco that could have induced  laziness if we didn’t have such important work ahead.  (The town is named after the coffee family, not the terrain.) We took our time to enjoy the morning Joe and wonder if the weather would […]

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the left coast -part 2

March 14, 2010

On that same warm sunny Wednesday in San Francisco, after we enjoyed fantastic food at the Ferry Building and sampled King Tut history at the DeYoung Museum, we were swept away by friends to head south to Mountain View. After a bit of driving on the Freeway 101 among rush hour drivers, we came upon […]

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