panic in the kitchen – orange-black sesame bundt cakes

June 20, 2014
Orange-Black Sesame Bundt Cakes

I panic when summer approaches. The New York City heat and humidity . . . just gets to me—but not for just the usual sizzling sidewalks and sweaty subway reasons.

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grey matter – black & white sesame cookies

March 1, 2013
Black & White Sesame Cookies

I’ve lived in New York for many years, yet I’ve managed never to have taken a bite of one of those heavily frosted Black and White Cookies available in every deli in Manhattan. (The Black part is actually chocolate.) If you ever saw one of those cellophane-wrapped discs, you’d avoid them, too.

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seed of affection – black sesame cookies

January 25, 2013
Black Sesame Cookies

As mentioned in last week’s post, I’m re-touring my favorite flavors and/or ingredients one by one from our Asia trip to prolong our sensory vacation. An ingredient high on the list is black sesame, which has much deeper flavor and aroma than its paler relatives.

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golden opportunity – sesame gold nuggets

February 24, 2011
Sesame Gold Nuggets

When celebrating Chinese New Year, everything should be red, red, and more red. So, when Jackie (@divathatateny) and I hosted a Chinese New Year Potluck, we laid out red table fabric and hung bright red and gold lanterns to set the mood. We simply asked attendees to bring Asian inspired dishes. My dish for the […]

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my sweet wild thing – black sesame macarons

June 10, 2010
Black Sesame Macarons

The Call of the Wild is the theme for June’s Mactweets Challenge. I expect that many people conjure up images of lions and tigers in the African bush, exotic birds and primates of the Amazon, or even whales, sharks and seals of the oceans. For this urban-raised boy with a design background, however, my mind […]

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