the big picture – orange-scented honey almond cakes

March 21, 2014
Orange-scented Honey Almond Cakes

Ever since 2014 rolled around, I’ve been out of luck. I’m not talking about major catastrophes in my life—just the feeling that everyday, the universe is going against me.

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having a heat wave – creamsicle cake

July 19, 2013
Creamsicle Cake

This has been one of the hottest summers I’ve spent in New York. The rolling waves of steamy days make the endless humidity unbearable–even for someone who grew up in sub-tropical Hong Kong, known for its schvitzing spring and summers. So, you understand why I crave frozen treats. It’s easy to make popsicles, such as Strawberry-Watermelon […]

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comfortable silence – orange chocolate cake

February 22, 2013
Orange Chocolate Cake

Daily life has finally calmed down since we’ve got back from the our trip. I’ve caught up with work–and gotten back into my regular routine of cooking, baking and working out. I even have my tax documents ready for my accountant.

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no joke – citrus fruitcake

December 21, 2012
Citrus Fruitcake

Seriously? Fruit Cake? That unwanted holiday treat that’s been fodder for every late-night comedian? Perhaps only less desired than aunt’s strangely knitted sweaters when you were growing up, it’s the gift that gets regifted into infinity with gooey sweetness.

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an american experience – ginger-citrus carrot cake

May 25, 2012
Ginger-Citrus Carrot Cake

This rabbit love carrots–straight up, juiced, in a salad, pureed in soup, roasted–you name it, I love them. Most of all, I adore carrot cakes.

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orange u dreamy — orange nutella sandwich cookies

December 21, 2011
Orange Nutella Sandwich Cookies

The distinct taste and scent of oranges has long claimed a place on my favorites list. As a boy, I couldn’t get enough of Pepperidge Farm’s Orange Milanos. I’d arrive home from school ravenous for a comfort-food fix before sitting down to a round of homework like a good Chinese child. Those orange and chocolate […]

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cinnamon-caramel pumpkin cake w banana-rum filling

November 11, 2011
Cinnamon-Caramel Pumpkin Cake w Creamy Banana-Rum Filling

Now that Halloween is behind us, we can enjoy pumpkins for their inner beauty and real purpose—consuming not carving.  Not everyone likes pumpkin, however. Ask a room full of people, “Who likes pumpkin pie?” and there will be a few enthusiasts longing for a taste and the majority responding as if you’ve just offered them […]

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maine attraction — poppyseed cake w passion-fruit curd

September 9, 2011
 Poppyseed Cake w Passion-Fruit Curd

For the last four years, M and I have planned the same summer getaway to Ogunquit, Maine. It’s our road trip that takes us to a place of beach relaxation and good food opportunities. It ranges from fishermen who cook up their morning haul in tiny takeout places to creative chefs pursuing serious cuisine. We […]

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orange you relaxed?

April 22, 2011
Orange Muffins

As I have mentioned in the previous post, I used to associate Easter with an annual extravagant buffet luncheon with the family in Hong Kong. Now, after living in New York for years, I equate Easter with the parade of outrageous hats and relaxing breakfast/brunch with either just M or with friends. There’s something magical about […]

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the difference an “o” makes — orange scented macaroons

September 10, 2010
Orange Scented Macaroons

As much as I’ve enjoyed the Mactweets Challenges for these past few months, each one brings a dash of nervousness—a French macaron can fail for many reasons. I can control egg-white whisking, the flavor profile, and color manipulation by practice and experience.  On the other hand, I can anticipate and prepare for summer weather that’s […]

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livin’ easy — creamsicle macarons

July 10, 2010
Creamsicle Macarons

When Mactweet came up with the challenge of creating a macaron based on your favorite song, I had no idea how to start, at first. I wanted to create a macaron that not only looked the part, but tasted it, too. I checked my playlists—but then considered old favorites and the possibilities opened full voice […]

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