come together – ‘ginger milk’ cake

June 14, 2013
'Ginger Milk' Cake

While working on my last post, Vanilla Malt Milk Cake, I couldn’t help thinking about the ginger milk I adored during my childhood—and I get to try again during each visit to my family in Hong Kong. It’s a Chinese dessert that consists of three simple ingredients–ginger, milk and sugar—but the magic comes from kitchen […]

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towards the light – vanilla malted milk cake

June 7, 2013
Vanilla Malted Milk Cake

When you go so far in one direction, you will either get stuck there—or you’ll leap to the polar opposite to regain a sense of balance. I experienced it during my recovery from chocolate coma. I completely avoided that dark, sweet seduction and headed toward the light—milk and vanilla.

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on snake and tradition – ginger ‘nian gao’ aka ginger mochi cannelés (gluten free)

February 1, 2013
Ginger 'Nian Gao' aka Ginger Mochi Cannelés

The Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake will start on Feb 10th. For the last two years, I’ve co-hosted a Chinese New Year Potluck with my partner in crime, Jackie, but this year, we decided to take a break. We hope to resume the tradition next year.  Even without the event, I’m still want to greet […]

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nuts about it – peanut butter & jelly cake

October 5, 2012
Peanut Butter & Jelly Cake

I go through unexplainable phases of food cravings–almost possessions by culinary spirits. Right now, my X-File is all about peanut butter.

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sweet in transition – crunchy peanut butter banana pudding

September 28, 2012
Crunchy Peanut Butter Banana Pudding

I adore early fall weather, crisp mornings and cool evenings . . . until posts about pumpkin desserts start intruding.

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surprising myself – nectarine-blueberry cake w caramel icing

September 3, 2012
Nectarine-Blueberry Cake with Caramel Frosting

A few weeks ago, I blogged about not needing a birthday cake when I had a Plum Pistachio Frangipane Tart ready to go. Well, here is an addendum to the story, and once again, it’s M’s fault for this detour.

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pride & joy – rainbow cubes

June 22, 2012
Rainbow Cubes

If you’ve lived in Manhattan for years, you might overlook the festivities of any particular weekend. For many, however, the NYC Gay Pride March is an annual event to remember the struggles of years past and a symbol of how far the gay community has come since the 1969 Stonewall Riot. Yes, there are many […]

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more not less – borracha torta de dos leches / tipsy tequila-milk cake

May 4, 2012
Borracha Torta de Dos Leche - Tipsy (drunken) Tequila-Milk Cake

Last year, I got excited about soaking my Tres Leche Cake with tequila milk, which is almost cocktail by itself.  The absorption of the tequila milk made the cake a perfect dessert for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

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tres para cinco — torta de margarita

April 29, 2011
Torta de Margarita

May 5th comes and goes every year, but I’m usually caught off guard about Cinco de Mayo celebrations. This minor Mexican holiday has become one of America’s favorite excuses for a party—gringos add a few chips and salsa to help that pitcher of margaritas. Soon, the high-school Spanish starts flowing. Since I’m ahead of the […]

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