chain of thought – citrus blueberry thyme cake

September 27, 2013
Citrus Blueberry Thyme Cake

My favorite season arrived, but Mama Nature threw a curve—for the first time, I got Fall allergies.

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no joke – citrus fruitcake

December 21, 2012
Citrus Fruitcake

Seriously? Fruit Cake? That unwanted holiday treat that’s been fodder for every late-night comedian? Perhaps only less desired than aunt’s strangely knitted sweaters when you were growing up, it’s the gift that gets regifted into infinity with gooey sweetness.

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more not less – borracha torta de dos leches / tipsy tequila-milk cake

May 4, 2012
Borracha Torta de Dos Leche - Tipsy (drunken) Tequila-Milk Cake

Last year, I got excited about soaking my Tres Leche Cake with tequila milk, which is almost cocktail by itself.  The absorption of the tequila milk made the cake a perfect dessert for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

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egg me on – coconut lime cake w peanut dust

March 9, 2012
Coconut Lime Cake w Peanut Dust

When the farm stand where I get my eggs ran a special—three dozen at seventy five cents off per carton—I couldn’t resist. I usually get two dozen per week, so another dozen would just lead to some new baking adventures.

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tea for two — ginger-lime coconut scones

January 27, 2012
Ginger-Lime Coconut Scones

The hardest thing about returning from a vacation is focusing on everyday life when your thoughts are on a different continent. It took almost two weeks to snap back into reality. Of course, sorting hundreds of photos I had taken during the trip didn’t help a bit with the re-entry.

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maine attraction — poppyseed cake w passion-fruit curd

September 9, 2011
 Poppyseed Cake w Passion-Fruit Curd

For the last four years, M and I have planned the same summer getaway to Ogunquit, Maine. It’s our road trip that takes us to a place of beach relaxation and good food opportunities. It ranges from fishermen who cook up their morning haul in tiny takeout places to creative chefs pursuing serious cuisine. We […]

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tripping on coconuts – coconut tart w brown sugar glazed peanuts

January 21, 2011
Coconut Tart w Brown Sugar Glazed Peanuts

Now that I have settled back into my New York life after a long vacation, I like to recall the flavors we found. While we were in Penang and Singapore, one ingredient repeatedly showed up in many dishes–coconut. It played the main role in some dishes as well as a supporting one in others by […]

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