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the gift of gold – mango cupcakes

February 15, 2013
Individual Mango Cakes

I recently read in University of California study that Asian Americans consume much more fruit than other groups. This reminded me that after Chinese meals, we often enjoy seasonal fruits as the finish in lieu of desserts. Most of the fruits in the local Hong Kong markets are imported from China, with others coming from other Asian […]

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travel: high tea at four seasons

January 24, 2012
High Tea at Four Seasons

Hong Kong might once again be part of China, but there are still traces of British customs left over from colonial days. Ask locals about high tea and they will present you with a long list of places to enjoy this tradition.

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travel: the comfort table

December 23, 2010
Hong Kong - home for the holidays

Although the restaurants in Hong Kong offer an endless selection of Cantonese specialties—plus an assortment of other Chinese, Asian, and European fare—meals at home with my family are truly something to prize. They not only bring back fond memories of growing up but also reinforce unique household traditions that I sometimes forget living so far […]

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travel: rabbit hungry in his city

December 19, 2010
Hong Kong - The Dim Sum experience

It had been two years since I last step foot in Hong Kong, so visiting my family provided an opportunity to reconnect to some favorite food traditions of this city. High on the list was the wonderful dim sum 點心. for lunch. Most tourists visit dim sum parlors famous for their traditional style of endless […]

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double happiness

June 17, 2010
Spicy Crab Cakes

One of my best food memories from childhood was a soup usually served in the summertime—a simple fish broth infused with a garden’s worth of cilantro. In Chinese culture, soup is always consumed for either general health or a specific medical purpose. Cilantro has many health benefits, including lowering blood sugar, protecting against infections, and […]

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tea time – milk tea madeleines

April 20, 2010
Milk Tea Madeleines

I grew up with two rituals of afternoon tea: the British-in-Hong-Kong-version and the local Chinese variation. Both fit snuggly with two of the main drivers of Hong Kong culture—food and gossip. Many hotels cater to the British tradition, serving up exquisite tasty morsels to cure late afternoon hunger, but most of us didn’t order the […]

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