just the way I am – blueberry corn cake with sweet corn frosting

September 5, 2014
Blueberry Corn Cake with Sweet Corn Frosting

  Birthdays are very much like New Year’s—a checkpoint for one’s life progress. This year’s birthday was no different.

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shine on –  mini coconut passion fruit cakes

March 8, 2013
Mini Coconut-Passion Cupcakes

I like Winter–I even like the snow…at least up to a reasonable accumulation. What I don’t like are these extended periods of gloomy weather without the sun. It’s hard enough to find time to bake let alone coordinating with mother nature so I can use natural light to get the photography done.

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this will do – sparkling peach semifreddo (gluten-free)

August 17, 2012
Sparkling Peach Semifreddo (gluten-free)

Love maybe constant, but so is work. M and I have been incredibly busy with this summer and could not figure out how to celebrate our anniversary on the exact date. As a couple, we decided that we could work around this obstacle and toast our relationship when we could be together without distraction.

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some don’t like it hot – pistachio shortcakes w ginger-cherry compote

July 20, 2012
Pistachio Shortcakes w Ginger-Cherry Compote

Clop plop clop plop–that’s the sound of summer in the city, flip flops slapping the sidewalks.

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thanks for the sweet memories — ginger panna cotta w black sesame geleé

May 11, 2012
Ginger Panna Cotta w Black Sesame Geleé

I have many fond memories of family rituals, most of which involved food, to no surprise—the Sunday congee brunch, weeknight dinners at home that ran like clockwork one dish after another, weekend afternoon tea and shopping with my grandmother, among others.

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espresso your love – coffee mousse and geleé

February 10, 2012
Coffee Mousse and Geleé

Cupid’s day is soon upon us, and the city again is drowning in reds, pinks, ribbons, hearts, sprinkles, sparkles—and saccharine sentiment overload.

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it’s time for pie — pie party potluck live

October 14, 2011
Pie Party Live - Concord Grape Pie

Jackie (@divathatateny) and I participated in this summer’s virtual Pie Party. I made a Mango Coconut Cream Pie to share online with everyone, but only M and I got to actually savor the delectable tropical sweetness.

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and the beet goes on — autumn spice beet cake

September 23, 2011
Autumn Spice Beet Cake with Vanilla Honey Cream

Fall has officially arrived. Autumn brings the allure of comfortable weather, and the change of colors signaling the coming harvest. In NYC, another sure sign of this time is the appearance at the Farmer’s Market where the last hurrah of lettuces, peaches, corn, and tomatoes is underway. The debut of butternut and delicata squashes marks […]

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strawberry n cream — mother’s day wishes

May 6, 2011
Strawberry n Cream Cake

I’ve been contemplating the sources of my interest in food and preferences for certain flavors. My upbringing set the compass for my culinary path, of course.  Growing up eating Chinese food, specifically Hong Kong style Cantonese cuisine, dominated my developing taste buds, but my parents’ willingness to expose us to other cuisines from the East and […]

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