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come together – ‘ginger milk’ cake

June 14, 2013
'Ginger Milk' Cake

While working on my last post, Vanilla Malt Milk Cake, I couldn’t help thinking about the ginger milk I adored during my childhood—and I get to try again during each visit to my family in Hong Kong. It’s a Chinese dessert that consists of three simple ingredients–ginger, milk and sugar—but the magic comes from kitchen […]

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towards the light – vanilla malted milk cake

June 7, 2013
Vanilla Malted Milk Cake

When you go so far in one direction, you will either get stuck there—or you’ll leap to the polar opposite to regain a sense of balance. I experienced it during my recovery from chocolate coma. I completely avoided that dark, sweet seduction and headed toward the light—milk and vanilla.

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a natural beauty – matcha-azuki cake

March 29, 2013
Matcha-Azuki Cake w Azuki Meringue Icing

The annual tribal rite known as the Easter Parade in NYC brings out the colorful imaginative side in natives and visitors.  There’s the array of hats–traditional, whimsical, avant-garde, and down-right clever—during the ceremonial walk through Fifth Avenue, the central gathering place for the return of this diaspora. The fanciful pastel clothing flutters in the early […]

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shine on –  mini coconut passion fruit cakes

March 8, 2013
Mini Coconut-Passion Cupcakes

I like Winter–I even like the snow…at least up to a reasonable accumulation. What I don’t like are these extended periods of gloomy weather without the sun. It’s hard enough to find time to bake let alone coordinating with mother nature so I can use natural light to get the photography done.

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grey matter – black & white sesame cookies

March 1, 2013
Black & White Sesame Cookies

I’ve lived in New York for many years, yet I’ve managed never to have taken a bite of one of those heavily frosted Black and White Cookies available in every deli in Manhattan. (The Black part is actually chocolate.) If you ever saw one of those cellophane-wrapped discs, you’d avoid them, too.

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comfortable silence – orange chocolate cake

February 22, 2013
Orange Chocolate Cake

Daily life has finally calmed down since we’ve got back from the our trip. I’ve caught up with work–and gotten back into my regular routine of cooking, baking and working out. I even have my tax documents ready for my accountant.

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singular sensation – coconut cream cake

January 18, 2013
Coconut Cream Cake

A much belated Happy New Year to you all–it’s been almost a month since the last recipe. If you happened to see my tweets and barrage of Instagram photos during that interval, you learned that M and I were in Japan and Hong Kong for a vacation and family visit. It was also three weeks […]

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comfortable panic – coconut caramel pudding, almond geleé, rhubarb compote (gluten-free)

June 1, 2012
Coconut Caramel Pudding, Almond Geleé, Rhubarb Compote

It’s rhubarb season again—I planned to make many more batches of Rhubarb Syrup this time, so we can enjoy an occasional Rhubarita throughout the coming year. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed them until I ran out of the syrup in late January.

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more not less – borracha torta de dos leches / tipsy tequila-milk cake

May 4, 2012
Borracha Torta de Dos Leche - Tipsy (drunken) Tequila-Milk Cake

Last year, I got excited about soaking my Tres Leche Cake with tequila milk, which is almost cocktail by itself.  The absorption of the tequila milk made the cake a perfect dessert for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

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i want candy — candy bar cake

October 28, 2011
Candy Bar Cake w Brown butter Caramel Icing

Halloween is only a few days away and, I’m not ready for it. It’s not like M and I dress up for Halloween parties or mingle in the NYC Village Halloween Parade, but we are usually in a playful spirit. With M being busy with work, recent travels, my recovery from an intense month of […]

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